Monday, 23 December 2013

Last shopping of the year......

After all that time spent shopping for the last presents for other people,I went shopping for myself. With all the family reunions I will have to attend i guess this will be the last shopping spree of this year.......making me very sad as there are lots of great offers and sales around. The last place I visited? Primark. And here is what I bought:

The first item that caught my eye was a grey jumper with a cut-out floral stitched detail collar. It was so warm and soft as it contained 4% angora. This cost £14 - the most expensive thing I bought.

The second item was a lace skater dress in a dark berry shade, with three quarter length transparent sleeves. The material is soft and doesn't itch at all, I'm probably going to wear it on Christmas day! This cost me £10.

 The next thing was a nice A-line leather mini-skirt with zip details. It was love at first sight with this; the quilted detail is so reminiscent of Chanel handbags and I'd been wanting a leather skirt for ages! It was also £10.

 The last section of the store I visited was the accessories, I seriously cannot leave Primark without going there! Every time I need to pick-up something so I bought these pearl earrings, 5 different sizes, for £1. Bargain.

I just love Primark.

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