Saturday, 26 July 2014

2-ingredient Banana Pancakes! Gluten-free and full of protein

I really cannot get enough of these. If you have a load of overripe bananas left then this recipe is perfect to use them up. As they only contain bananas and eggs we can say they are a healthier 'cheat' version of normal ones with a lower amount of calories. Plus, they are gluten free, flourless and full of protein - what more could you want? After making these I can assure you you will not want to make proper pancakes ever again (......they would seem like too much hassle) and while eating these you can even kid yourself you are having one of your 5-a-day. Enjoy.

1 ripe banana
2 eggs

1) In a bowl mix the eggs first gradually adding slices of the banana, making sure it is well mashed and mixed together.
2) Put some oil in your frying pan and place in on medium heat.
3) Scoop some the batter in there, and waiting for about 30 seconds (or when the middle starts to bubble) flip it over letting the other side cook.


I ate mine with cookie ice cream which is kind of defeating the objective (oops), but you could also add fruit or anything else you fancy ontop of these lovely pancakes. Comment below telling me what you like to eat with them!


P.S: I'm going on holiday for about 3 weeks and probably won't be able to post during this time, so everyone have a nice summer. I will be back!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Buys!

Ahh, the summer sales. The shops might be packed, but the big discounts you can get in some places totally make up for it. I have bought some basics, but also some more singular pieces, from New Look, River Island and Primark so please enjoy!

 These beautiful tribal earrings from New Look originally cost them £5.99, but I only got them for £2. They can be used to  add interest to any outfit and are perfect for festivals.

 This perfect pair of pearl earrings is simple but also a timeless classic, I can imagine wearing them with a nice up-do and tea dress. They were £2.50 in the sale.

These sandals from New Look were not discounted but still cheap-only £7.99! I've been wanting simple tan coloured sandals for ages and thought these were the perfect match!

 Cream flats have the power to be worn with everything, and all year round. I paid them only £6 from New Look, and I already know that the cost per wear price will be nothing!

A simple dress from Primark which was only £13- this can also be worn most of the year and in many situations, from an afternoon out with friends to sixth form come September.

 This is from the River Island sale and I paid it £15 instead of £30 (half price!) and is a basic beige trouser. Again the wear-ability of it is great, and the gold zip detail on the side of it adds beauty to the item.

And best for last, my favourite piece. Again it was a £15 from River Island instead of £38, and the bright summery colour is what attracted me to it. I just love the way it fits with the skirt flaring slightly, and also the collar detail which makes it look so much more cuter.

Have you bought anything in the sales yet??

Comment below!


Sunday, 13 July 2014

D.I.Y. Rope Headband

One of the things I've really been into lately is rope jewellery- it looks effortless, clean, and unique and they make a perfect statement piece for summer. This headband I made has the 'Josephine' knot which is used by sailors and I think looks very decorative.

To make it you will need:
3m thick rope
A glue gun

1) Cut the rope into six different pieces, with three pieces being 53cm long, and other three 45cm long. Quick tip: Tape over where you want to cut the rope so the ends don't fray.

2) Now this is the hard part: You need to make the knot. First get the shorter piece and create a loop:

3)Next get the longer piece and create another loop which intertwines:

4) Then weave in the other pieces of rope, making sure you match the lengths. 

5) Pull the knot together so it becomes as tight as you want it to be.

6) Once this is done the hard part is over, now just turn the knot upside down and sew the rope strands together to give them more stability. 

7) Now check if the headband fits the base, and if not trim accordingly. Then you can use the hot glue gun to stick them together, while also adding some fabric on the ends to bind them.

You are done! Instead of making a headband with it, you could also simply use it as a neck piece by not putting it on the base. 

Let me know how you got on!


Sunday, 6 July 2014

D.I.Y. Make-up Fixer

Don't you just hate how pricey make-up fixers from big brands can be? This is why I decided to make my own, and after a bit of research found out it is so easy! Only two ingredients are essential : water and glycerine. I also added a couple of drops of essential oil to make it smell nice, and to give the final product some added beauty benefits. But how does the product work? As glycerine is sticky to touch, it will not only keep your make-up in place, but also leave you with a dewy complexion while being free from any type of chemical. A complete must for people with sensitive skin.

This is how I did it:

The rule of thumb is 3 parts water to 2 of glycerine, so I used 75ml water and 25ml glycerine. Just mix them in the bottle and add some essential oils if wished. I used lavender and tea tree for the calming benefits which make it ideal for oily or combination skin. Shake it together. You're done!

Glycerine is also a natural moisturiser so will keep your skin hydrated while not clogging your pores. A double win!

Let me know in the comments below how you got on with it.

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