Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Inspiration from London

Doing a GCSE in Art I am on the search for constant inspiration to move my project on and to complete my book. Last week I went to visit the Saatchi and National Gallery,walking from one to another (Chelsea-Trafalgar Square!) embracing the cold British winter weather on the way. By the time I got to the National Gallery it was getting dark so I decided to take some touristy photos too :)

The artwork in both places was beautiful. The Saatchi now has the body language exhibition,some of my favourite were:

Makiko Kudo had an obvious anime influence to his artwork which showcased different seasons

Denis Tarasov wanted to remember those died in the war with his photography

This was just creepy. It's by Eddie Martinez and I think he took some inspiration from Ronald McDonald for that clown.

This old lady wasn't part of the exhibition but I loved her. The detail and the way she is portrayed as a wool ball is just so amusing.

The National gallery had paintings by some of the greatest artists in the world, like Michelangelo and Caravaggio and allowed you to see something that you wouldn't be able to see everyday.
I suggest you go and visit both galleries if you have a chance as they have something to suit everyone. 

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