Sunday, 22 December 2013

All The Small Things

There are so many things we do during the festive season, but maybe because of families and friends, school and/or work, or general procrastination, you never have enough time to add all the little details you would want to add to things.  This year I have tried to try different things for Christmas, here's my list:

Be more creative
I usually wrap things up with the usual wrapping paper every year, so this time I decided to be different. I decided to give one of my friends a memorable Christmas present by wrapping it up in Iron Man comics. Obviously photocopied and not real. Anyway she loved it.

Then I had bought a present for a friend but later walked into another shop and found a scarf I knew she would absolutely love. What did I do? I gave her both presents, using the scarf to wrap the first one up.     2-in-1.

I love the festive sparkle. I have tried to embellish dull looking blouses with some sort of beads or lace or pretty material. I like to vary the beads in size,so different focus points can be given to the piece of clothing.

Statement jewellery is so now and can really refresh your wardrobe, so I made my own necklace to wear with my favourite warm winter jumpers. And yes, I do love pearls. 

Tree decorations 

I am really trying hard to get in with the Christmas spirit this year so I made a couple of decorations to put on the tree.........

How d'you like them?

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