Monday, 13 January 2014

Christmas in Naples

How does it manage to be so sunny in full winter?
Have you all had a nice Christmas? I can tell you I have, as I went to spent it and New Year's with my family in Naples. If there is something I love about that place, it has to be the chaotic markets, the food and the beautiful landscapes which are framed by the persistent sunshine.

this seagull was just demanding to be photographed

Especially in the festive period the narrow streets are bursting of tourists exploring the market and shops, hunting for something special to take back with them. Pasta, Neapolitan playing cards, or different ornaments, they really have anything to suit everyone taste. The markets are also bursting with stalls that sell different books for a total steal.

Different musicians entertain in the piazza while you can sit and enjoy some nice food in the restaurants close-by. The cakes are sooo heavenly and you have to eat the pizza there too, as Naples is the home of it.

However I also love all the art they sell there as its full of rich colours, and many street artists are fantastic. Too bad I couldn't fit a print in my luggage, or I would have bought a couple!


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