Sunday, 15 June 2014

Longer, luscious hair in 7 easy steps!

A few changes to your lifestyle could totally change the look of your hair - who knew? If you want loner, lustrous locks keep reading!

1- Watch the products you use!
Some shampoos contain such harsh chemicals that can remove the natural oils in your hair and scalp, leaving them dry and brittle. This could cause damage in the long term as the hair would grow much thinner. Beaware of Sodium lauryl sulfate, a substance found in many shampoos but also in dish soap, it is very harsh on your scalp!

2-Use treatments
Applying warmed coconut oil to your hair for 5-10 minutes makes a great hair mask. It will need to be washed out a few times, but the results will be shiny, healthy hair- promised! Do it a couple of times every month, and there will be a significant growth spurt in you hair.

3-Regular trims
Approximately cut an inch every few months,to get rid of split and dry ends. Some say it is the secret to what makes it look so healthy, so it's worth to give it a try!

4-Use less heat
Always favour drying your hair naturally rather than using hair dryers and straighteners as they can make hair fragile and create split ends.

Growing hair is caused by the amount of blood flow that reaches the roots, so can be controlled by what we eat. Vitamins, minerals and water can all favour hair growth, so be sure to get plenty of them!

6- Scalp massage
Lastly, you can also stimulate the follicles by giving yourself a massage on a regular basis. Afterwards use cold water which helps close pores and prevent breakage.

Hope these tips are helpful!


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