Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring Fashion Haul

I just couldn't wait to get my hands on a couple of new spring clothes so went shopping!

This is a very fine knit jumper from Primark and I bought it for only £6. Bargain! 

And my obsession with pink flower jewellery continues after I bought this also from there for just £4. 

This pink butterfly scarf  caught my eye while I was on my to the till as the neutral shades make it wearable with anything. It was £4.  

The last thing I got from there was this travel bottle set which is always useful! It has different sized bottles with even a spray bottle top, a small pot, tiny funnel, plus stickers to label each one. It was just £1.

The next buy is the most expensive one from Topshop, £23, and is a lovely dark red colour t-shirt with the coca-cola logo on it. Find it here.

 These next two buys are from New Look and are both textured boxy fitting t-shirts. The first floral one was £14.99 and can be found here, whereas the second pink one was £12.99 and can be found here.

These lace up plimsolls from New Look go well with every everything and are ever so comfortable! I paid them £11.99. 

The last thing I bought was from Dorothy Perkins and is a floral cami dress which can be found here. It was just £16. The bright floral design was what caught my eye with the slightly flared skirt, and I can image it to be perfect for summer.

Now I just can't wait until the weather gets warmer - what about you?


  1. amazing things! :)

  2. Lovely floral dress! :)

  3. Hi just came across your blog. I have been thinking of piurchasing that dress but wondered if its too full on the bottom half? I don't want it to make my hips look big. I am a petite size 12? Thanks

    1. I think it should be flattering as it glides over the hips and then it flares out only slightly. I'm a size 10 so it should fit us very similarly!

  4. Thank you. I ordered it today in a 10 as I find Dp is pretty big sizing plus I am dieting so hoping it will fit!! It looks lovely though. It looks better on your blog than on the website x


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