Monday, 7 April 2014

A Day In Alton Towers

I love big rides. The scarier the better. Last week I spent a great day in the park and went on pretty much all of the rides (apart from the oblivion :( , we ran out of time!).  Going there I have picked up a few words of advice to share with you, so here goes:

1- Do the X-sector last! Start with gentler rides such as Thirteen or Air to build up the experience. When me and my friend went on the smiler I didn't even notice it was going upside down!

2-Thirteen- Many people were scared of the drops on the ride but you can hardly feel them- they are in the dark. The first one is tiny, and then there is a bigger one next, followed by getting pushed backwards on the ride.

3- Sonic Spinball is the scariest ride I went on! Seriously. Even if it is advertised as a kids ride the way the the cart keeps spinning and the unpredictability of it all made me do the whole ride with my eyes shut and screaming. Not for the faint hearted.

4- The River Rapids are definitely a ride for the whole family, however people that suffer from seasickness should avoid. Some people escaped completely dry from the river rapids but I got soaked on them. It was a massive splash from the river which went over my head and only hit me! Obviously it got all of my friends laughing, but left me not very happy. At least in the end they got drenched by some people with water pistols. Thank you non-riders with a good aim.

5- There are so many places and things to eat there so don't worry about food! We went on the Runaway mine train and all I could smell was the delicious pasta and pizza coming from the restaurant. Also the smell of doughnuts was persistent throughout the park :)

6- Air was really one of my surprise favourite rides. The thought of getting thrown around on the roller coaster while lying down looked terrifying, but once on you couldn't feel it at all. It was actually a relaxing experience even.

7- Rita is the shortest ride we went on, but the most intense. It left some of us feeling a bit sick as it is the fastest ride; a blink and you miss it type. Queues can also be quite long for it.

8- The cable cars are the best way to get around. Sometimes they did seem like a ride itself as they can jiggle around a bit too much, but it saves you a lot of effort from walking to one place to another. The staff there are also very helpful and give you great indications to get around!

9- Take warm clothes with you and good footwear! I cannot stress this enough as it is often not lovely weather in Alton, plus you don't want to be worrying about taking off your shoes when you go on a ride.

10- The staff in the park really deserve as they are some of the most helpful and funniest people to be around. They will mock, act crazy, and even sing and dance, but create an amazing atmosphere which is the true soul of the park.

Do you like theme parks? Share your experiences below!


  1. I love theme parks and I defiantly agree, the scarier the better!!! I haven't actually been to Alton towers but I love Thorpe park and Chessington World of Adventures! Defiantly need to go some day! Xx

  2. love!


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