Sunday, 3 November 2013

D.I.Y. | Baroque Chain Ribbon Bracelet

I've been lusting after some chain jewellery lately as I just love the eye-catching shine and the detail they give to every look. I saw a few pieces in the high street which are knew where going to be so easy to DIY so here's my tutorial!

You need:
5 inch chain
10 inch ribbon
A beading needle
Thread same colour as the ribbon

1. Thread your ribbon through the beading needle and weave it through your chain, leaving approximately 2.5 inches ribbon each side. Make sure the ribbon and the chain don't twist on themselves while doing this. To help, you could use sellotape to stick the chain down to the table to keep it still.

2. Once you've done that, sow the ends of the chain to the ribbon to keep it in place. If the ends of the ribbon are fraying, you could put a bit of PVA glue or use a glue stick to seal them.

And its done! See it was so easy and quick I also made a longer white bracelet by doubling all the measurements. You could also embellish them with beads if you want, but I left mine as they were because I like the subtleness of them. I would suggest to tie with a knot, as they come loose easily if ties with a bow.

Hope you liked it :)

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