Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to ......Zzzzzzzzzzz

Mock exams have filled my past week with revision and I know most people think it is very stressful. Switching off to go to sleep can be hard, so I have put together the tips I think work best.

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1) Don't Clock Watch
Counting down the hours you have left to sleep (I'll get 3 hours if I fall asleep now..)will make you panic. Don't look at your alarm, and if you do wakeup, tell yourself its 2am. You will stop panicking and be able to get a few hours of sleep before you get up.

2) Turn Down The Heat
Cold temperatures make you fall asleep more easily than hot ones.Your body temperature also drops when you are asleep, rising only when you start to wakeup again. If you are then cold, grab a pair of socks and hot water bottle.

3)Thought Blocking
Do you know why they say you should count sheep to get to sleep? It is a word with no emotional connotations and so can help you distract from your worries. Repeat it over in your head for about 3-5 minutes and you will feel much calmer.

4)Keep A Routine
If you get to sleep and wakeup every morning at roughly the same time, your body will start getting used to it, expecting sleep at those hours.

Make sure it is completely dark when your get to sleep. Invest in an eye mask if necessary.

6)Don't Hit The Snooze Button
Getting up straight after the alarm goes off automatically lifts your mood, so will make you face your day better.

Sleep well!! xx


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